Reading aloud and moderate to vigorous exercise are the greatest stimulators of brain circulation and metabolism.*
PET scan images of brain circulation and metabolism during various activities
from Train Your Brain by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima.
*Sample research studies and media articles
U.S. and foreign patents pending
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Read Aloud Technology seamlessly integrates reading and exercise to create a computer-controlled exercise experience that maximally benefits both body and mind.
  • On-screen text and associated content automatically keep pace with reading rate for effortless, hands-free reading during exercise or any kind of activity.
  • Work rate is automatically optimized for safe, effective aerobic exercise by "listening" to the user's speech pattern and associated respiration. Heart rate control can be used simultaneously.
  • Read Aloud Technology function and control can be integrated into virtually any kind of cardiovascular exercise equipment.
  • Reading material can be loaded and selected from tens of thousands of sources to suit any user's interests. Read Aloud Technology has many additional applications in education, research, skills and aptitude testing, adaptation for disability, biofeedback, electronic gaming and more.